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Lottery winner Graham Nield proposes to Amanda Vickers moments after scooping jackpot | Mail Online

Ms Vickers said: 'Ive been hoping for 10 years.' Asked about the proposal, Ms Vickers said: 'That meant more to me than the money. 'Winning the money? Im more excited about getting married.' The couple said they are still planning the simple register office ceremony they have always imagined followed by a big party for friends and family. Mr Nield said: 'Ill be able to afford Christmas this year for them.' They have no plans for expensive engagement and wedding rings. Ms Vickers said they were planning to use a ring they already had which has sentimental value to both of them. Icing on the cake: Ms Vickers said she's more excited about getting married than winning the money The couple met at automotive firm Autoneum, where Mr Nield has worked for 25 years and Ms Vickers for 12. She said she is planning to hand her notice in tomorrow - and Mr Nield is her boss who will have to accept it. He said he is still thinking about whether to give up work. Remembering the moment they found out about the win, Mr Nield said: 'She just went "whoopee" and went jumping around the room. 'I said "are you serious?" and she said "yes, weve won, weve won". 'As she was jumping round the room going "whoopee, whoopee", I said "now can we get married please?".' The couple did not check their ticket until Sunday evening because they were up at 2am that day securing a pitch at a local car boot sale. They said they have just moved in with Ms Vickers parents and have a lot of things to get rid of. They are still planning a further sale, but not this weekend.
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I was caught up in the moment and just blurted out now will you marry how to win the lottery me and she said told me yes, but it isnt because youve loads of money its because I love you. Former Batley Boys High School pupil Graham had been planning on proposing on a recent holiday to Tenerife. He said: Every morning for breakfast I got really nervous and in my head I kept telling myself to ask the question but it just would not come out. Despite picking up the six figure fortune, the couple both went to work at the Autoneum in Heckmondwike on Monday. Graham, who bought the ticket from Tescos in Bradford Road, attended all his morning meetings before calling the lottery office. The couple recently left their home in Hanging Heaton to move in with Amandas parents, James and Joan Vickers, both 72, in Dewsbury. Before the move, the pair visited Amandas parents to tell them the news. Graham sprung another surprise on his future in-laws asking for permission to marry their daughter and got down on one knee to propose. Despite the winnings, the pair are planning to keep their wedding low key. We are planning on getting married in the registry office and have a big party afterwards, said Graham. Amanda, who grew up in Dewsbury, wont be splashing the cash on a diamond ring, but instead will keep an eternity ring previously bought by her fiancee. The couple intend to share their winnings with their five children from previous marriages and are considering opening a cafe. Search for: (Plumber, Taxi, McDonalds...) Where? (town, county etc.) Temperature: 14 C to 24 C Wind Speed: 15 mph Temperature: 13 C to 19 C Wind Speed: 10 mph Switch to Mobile Site All rights reserved Johnston Publishing Ltd.
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Breaking News - $ 181 million dollar lottery winner finds Love of His Life two days after hitting it big! - Cheezburger

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